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Bendalong, fishing village

On Sussex Inlet.

The club owns a property

With cabins & camping areas &

Wildlife teeming.

Roger visits sometimes,

Becomes family trip.

No TV.

Entertainment is:

The birds, roos, dolphins,

Beach football, cricket

Gathering around big fires, under big night skies

Listening to stories.

Until finally we tire.





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He has a redhead’s complexion.

Forehead, slopes back from brow

Legends say, with steel plate inserted.

His barrel-chest forces arms to 45°

Exaggerated swing when walking.

Tree-trunk legs bowed to match.

He doesn’t seem fearsome but …

Steer clear anyway.

HIs name? I don’t know.

He is known as Bondi!

Why Bondi?




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“School beautification – the theme
For the major school project.”

The committee, student coucil decides:

A fountain, front lawn.

Circular design, pool at the bottom

Sandstone rim.

Central column, sandstone

Shallow bowl at top – large radius.

Official ceremony

Turns on the water.

It works!

It looks beautiful.

Project complete and commended.


Remember the Short Memories are not meant to appear in chronological order. They are as I recall them. Today I drove past South Penrith Primary and it caused me to remember the fountain project … the fountain is no longer there. I wonder does anyone have a photo – I used to have one. Help.

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I feel a rush, rustling.

Push the pedals … GO!

One hand steering,

The other twirling school satchel

Rotating like helicopter blades.

Almost fast enough for lift off.

It is either out-run them or ward them off.


Hitchcock’s Birds?

A couple of black & white bombers

Magpies in spring … that’s enough.

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Approaching Nepean Gorge

Not yet skilled for navigate the narrow pass

We turn

Panic’s narrow turning circle

Whips skier around wider arc


Just holding it together

Then …


Dead ahead!

Tip for trouble recalled:

Release rope, squat,

Use hands as anchors

Phhewww! Close call!

Lucky I read that ski book.

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All well-coordinated with good balance

We are quickly skiing – two skis

We fly along

Skimming across the Nepean waters.

Often forgetting the credo

  “arms straight, legs bent”

Result: a watery fall.

All together

From early morning, till dusk

Circuit after circuit, taking turns.

And the hours passed like minutes.

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Beach, river, pool …


Centre of summer.

Now – a new source of water fun.


No! Not panic, Panic!

Capital “P

Ironic boat name written

Across the hull

In panicky-looking typography

And panicky-looking skier

Affectionately, illustrating the name.

Our effort from now:

Knees bent, arms straight, balanced above the water.






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Sky blackened by by smoke

Mountains glowing


Raining charred gum leaves.

The heat is oppressive

The atmosphere chilling


Everyone silent or sobbing or

Silently sobbing.

A rare sense of unity, care, emerges

Perhaps the flaming mountain,

A common enemy unites factions.

The bells ring, many can’t go home.



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Western side,

Steeeply banked hills,

Attracting screaming kids

With cardboard sheets

Careening towards the fence below.

Parents shout at kids, then at the ref.

Were ordered to stop, then …

Amusement from

The bloke in the singlet,

Shouting, shadowboxing, shouting

T-i-i-i-i-ge-e-e-rs, Go T-i-i-ges

Leichhardt Oval.

Tigers v Panthers, again.

Kevin Yow Yeh scores.

Phil smiles.

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Phil* is a diminutive footballer

He is quick, elusive,

And, for a little bloke …


His role model, his favourite player

Kevin Yow Yeh

From his favourite team,

The Balmain Tigers

Phil wants to play like him, run like him

And even look like him.

So, he sunbakes – a LOT.


* Phil … that’s my youngest brother!

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