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Foreboding stories – night-time tales,

Fearful fun.

One story:

In the dead of night,

He creeps into backyards, never seen, never heard.

He'd creep in at night seek out this treasure and if you're not asleep ...

Black night shrouds his black coat & cap.

He seeks – the metal can,

Encased in wood, hidden in the outhouse.

And …

His real treasure?

Children, still awake

Who silently disappear!!


Foreboding, fearful stories are at their best when simple and stark.

Charles Laughton’s 1955 film – The Night of the Hunter – is full of foreboding. This clip has John Harper telling a story to his little sister Pearl and then …

The haunting hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” is first heard in the movie at this point. It is a menacing echo throughout the film.

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In a house of peaceful sleepers –

A scream from a dream –


My dream:

I wake, afraid, needing Mum’s comfort.

(Sleep?)walking from our room to Mum’s, outside the bathroom

Stood an Alsatian – exaggerated, silent, menacing –

A rare scare

head turns, stares, bares teeth.

I scream, then really wake.

Or …

Really wake, then scream.

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Legendary Team, Team of Legends - 1964 Premiers.

Amidst milling, pushing hordes we find our seats:

Brewongle Stand.

Near an artist who painted,

Dragon breathes fire at toothless tiger.

“C’arn, Saints.” I yell.

“Shhh!” hushes guardian Graham.  “They’ve won too much!”

But legends capture the hearts of the young.

St George – a legendary and a team of legends.


This follows on from yesterdays post 57. An early start to a great day and a great journey … .

Take a look at these team lists from Grand Final Day 1964 – 19th September.

The St George team was studded with stars … but Balmain had 5 players who would play key roles in the early stages of the Penrith Panthers elevation to the first grade competition. (And lay foundations for an intense rivalry.)

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Early spring, early morning – just sunrise.

Train boarded, tracks rattle.


Graham* – today’s guardian – guides us.

Through chaotic paths of chaotic people.

Through Central’s cavernous echoing hall.

Through the cavernous echoing main hall of Central Station

Downstairs onto Eddy Avenue.

Green buses lined up headed for the SCG.

The bus of the times.

Grand Final – expectations high.

Early arrival hopefully converts into good seats.


* Graham Percy, from No. 28 Guildford Rd, older brother of my friend, Philip. We met the Percy’s back in 7. A Scary Eyeful

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Under lights colours blazed:

Brilliant gold/orange; double black V’s.

Keith Barnes - Tigers


Blue – rich & vibrant – ringed with yellow stripes.

Ken Thornett - Eels

Players enter field the scent of liniment piercing.

Heart thumps, pumps …

Speed, skill, power – huge gigantic, men – running, evading, tackling, smashing.

My first top level RL game.

Cumberland Oval: Eels v Tigers.


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Penrith Panthers v Wentworthville Magpies.

Ringrose Park, Wenty’s home.

Roger* played, Mum watched.

We played too.

Kicking; catching; tip; tackle.

And that irresistible magnet to footballs and kids – drains.

Our footballs always seemed to end up in these. Magnetism!


And out we climbed.

We played, now watched by

The maternal referee – loud voice and threatening penalties – keeping us “in bounds” .


* This was in the era when the Penrith Panthers played in blue & white. Roger mainly played centre or wing.

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Mrs Frawley introduces a new classmate.

“Boys and girls, please welcome Peter into our class.”

On the left: Peter Herrmann - the intelligent interloper with the nice smile. And me looking as if I was planning mischief. Class 4A.

He immediately makes his mark.

His hand shoots up for every question … irrespective of subject!

Can’t even get the better of him in English – his 2nd language.

Tops the class … keeps the pace for years more.

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Trips to Sydney created excitement.

The anticipation fulfilled

By city rich in distractions.

Today (in 1964)… off to the top.

Australia’s tallest building.

Australia's tallest building (1964) - The AMP Building - 117 metres

Address forms a rhythmic chant:

Ay-Em-Pee at Circ-ular-Quay.

Looking up, it sways, dances to the chant.

Top floor observatory.

Beautiful Sydney stretches endlessy.

Look!! Mum!! … Roge!! …

Looking up it was so tall it looked like it was swaying.

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“Hey Mum, I think I might go to Sunday School this Sunday.”

“OK. I’ll take you.” surprise tinged her tone.

Grateful surprise.

I probably struggled keeping the colouring pencil inside the lines … but they could have at least told me the stories.


Mum drops me at the Hall*.

Finished. Mum’s there.


“I’m not going again.”

“I didn’t learn anything! All we did was colour in pictures of Jesus.

Note & extra.

* Cambridge Park Community Hall.

Around the same time: It Ain’t Necessarily So was a hit in Australia for Normie Rowe. Maybe my sudden impulse to seek out Sunday School was related to the stories mentioned in this song … they may not be necessarily so but they sound like great tales.

Here is a version of the song from Cab Calloway.

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Challenge out, news spreads, the crowd gathers behind church.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Baying for action – if not blood.

My opponent – a name forgotten.

Shaped up in classic Queensbury,

Then rolled around in not-so-classic Greco-Roman.

Home with ripped shirt, dirt smears, blood stains (his).

Badges of honour? courage? skill? … or waywardness?

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