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The Club’s cabins at Bendalong

Clubs Cabins & Beach at Bendalong.

A bush track to isolated beach.

No life-guards, no flags.

Beautifully clear water, refreshing

Waves well-formed for bodysurfing.

“Max!, Steve!”

Urgent shouts from the shore.

“Come in, quick. there’s a fin!”

We scarper.

Another fin appears, and another, and …

A pod of dolphins.



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Early start

Embers still glowing

Wildlife still.

Steve and I, going fishing.

Out into the bay.

Our generous guide Matt Booth.

The haul starts.


We haul, Matt unhooks our prey &

Re-baits our hooks.

He doesn’t toss in his own line.

We show off our brace.

Big smiles all round.

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Bendalong, fishing village

On Sussex Inlet.

The club owns a property

With cabins & camping areas &

Wildlife teeming.

Roger visits sometimes,

Becomes family trip.

No TV.

Entertainment is:

The birds, roos, dolphins,

Beach football, cricket

Gathering around big fires, under big night skies

Listening to stories.

Until finally we tire.





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