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Fire trail, nature walk

Winding up the mountain

Emerging at East Blaxland.

Follow regular road back down

Through residential zone

Down steep sharp curves of Old Bathurst Road.

Reports back to Mum.

Spied your son walking Old Bathurst Road,
Dressed to lead a funeral procession.

Love my hat, cane, & coat.

Wearing my hat, someone poking me with my cane, ... that's a different coat (my robe chinoiserie)

Wearing my hat, someone poking me with my cane, … that’s a different coat (my robe chinoiserie)

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The World's Steepest Railway

The World’s Steepest Railway

Lazy Sunday, friends together.

Trip west, Katoomba,

Take the steep rail

Into the valley

Some warming alcohol.

Recovery refreshments at The Paragon.

Drive home, the Great Western Highway

Winding its way, eastward, downward.

In winter – fog in the air & ice on the ground.


Safely home – protected, once again!!

The Paragon Cafe Katoomba

The Paragon Cafe Katoomba

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Moving …

Across the River

Emu Plain’s northern extreme.

River winds around to meet Blue Mountains

Our new home.

Riverfront & on mountain slope.

On the mountain slopes, banks of the Nepean and land stretching out to the East.


Silent – save bellbirds & ducks.

Dirt bush road.

Solo neighbour.

Looking east, beyond blue metal & gravel quarries,

Flat fertile land stretches away

To distant suburban then urban landscapes.

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Glenbrook Theatre

Small cinema, small Blue Mountains village.

Unprecedented crowds in

Numbers & character.

No seats, bring cushions,

Cinema floor fills with

Young people relaxed, colourfully robed,

Atmosphere aromatic, communal, sharing.

We are here, now, together

Absorbing 3 hours of sound & vision

Hoping for our piece of 3 Days of Peace & Music.



There’s so much extra I could put in here but I can recall being unexpectedly stunned by the opening performance.

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The challenge of teenage transport.

Local area is big

From Warragamba to Warrimoo;  Castlereagh to Cambridge Park.

Walking, cycling – distances prohibitive.

Too young to drive

Public transport spasmodic, non-existant

Parental transport ok … sometimes.

Sometimes unavailable, sometimes undesirable!

Only real independent transportation

Romanticising, imagining 

On The Road adventure:


Mum frowns.


* This song reminds me of hitch-hiking around the Penrith/Blue Mountains/Warragamba region. I think I must have sung it while pointing the finger towards my destination … I don’t think I ever used (or ever saw used) a thumb to “thumb a ride”, it was always the index finger.

What about Al “Blind Owl” Wilson’s voice … and the harp playing from “The Bear”.

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Sky blackened by by smoke

Mountains glowing


Raining charred gum leaves.

The heat is oppressive

The atmosphere chilling


Everyone silent or sobbing or

Silently sobbing.

A rare sense of unity, care, emerges

Perhaps the flaming mountain,

A common enemy unites factions.

The bells ring, many can’t go home.



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Another exit after final bell

Across the fields

To Emu Plains Station.

The Mountains kids

File across the fields,

Orderly and civilised …

compared to the kids on buses, headed across the river.

Civilised until …

The Tunnel.*

Where demons get released.

I hear The Tales of the Tunnel

Forbidding and fascinating.


* Between Lapstone and Glenbrook the train passed through the tunnel.

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