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He has a redhead’s complexion.

Forehead, slopes back from brow

Legends say, with steel plate inserted.

His barrel-chest forces arms to 45°

Exaggerated swing when walking.

Tree-trunk legs bowed to match.

He doesn’t seem fearsome but …

Steer clear anyway.

HIs name? I don’t know.

He is known as Bondi!

Why Bondi?




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Summers scorch in Penrith.

The river is relief.

A favoured spot … the weir.

Nepean Weir – photo taken in 2012 – it hasn’t changed much. Although the water level is higher than usual.

Swimming, flowing water pulling

Or standing below the  wall

Water tumbling over,

A cooling, refreshing shower

Sit & slip back, hard against the weir wall

The curtain of water camouflages.

Pleasures lost to next generation: weir declared dangerous.

The Nepean Weir is now considered dangerous for any activity.

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