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Western side,

Steeeply banked hills,

Attracting screaming kids

With cardboard sheets

Careening towards the fence below.

Parents shout at kids, then at the ref.

Were ordered to stop, then …

Amusement from

The bloke in the singlet,

Shouting, shadowboxing, shouting

T-i-i-i-i-ge-e-e-rs, Go T-i-i-ges

Leichhardt Oval.

Tigers v Panthers, again.

Kevin Yow Yeh scores.

Phil smiles.

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Phil* is a diminutive footballer

He is quick, elusive,

And, for a little bloke …


His role model, his favourite player

Kevin Yow Yeh

From his favourite team,

The Balmain Tigers

Phil wants to play like him, run like him

And even look like him.

So, he sunbakes – a LOT.


* Phil … that’s my youngest brother!

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The game was tense.

Solid crowd.


A commotion – the northern hill.

St John’s Ambulance men,

Running, balancing black bags,

From sideline to hill.

Whispers spread about the fate of the fan.

Sadness shaded the spine-tingling game.

Ex-Tiger Mara kicks a field-goal.


A point.

Tigers out of 1968 finals contention.


* It was heard that the fan who was attended by the St Johns boys was a Balmain Tigers fan, that he had had a heart attack.

Penrith vs Balmain at Penrith Park 11th August 1968.

Penrith 18 – Tries: Bob Mara, Mick Leary; Goals: Bob Landers (5); Field Goal: Bob Mara

Balmain 17 – Tries: John Spencer, Terry Parker, Len Killeen; Goals: Len Killeen (3); Field Goal: John McCarthy.







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Legendary Team, Team of Legends - 1964 Premiers.

Amidst milling, pushing hordes we find our seats:

Brewongle Stand.

Near an artist who painted,

Dragon breathes fire at toothless tiger.

“C’arn, Saints.” I yell.

“Shhh!” hushes guardian Graham.  “They’ve won too much!”

But legends capture the hearts of the young.

St George – a legendary and a team of legends.


This follows on from yesterdays post 57. An early start to a great day and a great journey … .

Take a look at these team lists from Grand Final Day 1964 – 19th September.

The St George team was studded with stars … but Balmain had 5 players who would play key roles in the early stages of the Penrith Panthers elevation to the first grade competition. (And lay foundations for an intense rivalry.)

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Under lights colours blazed:

Brilliant gold/orange; double black V’s.

Keith Barnes - Tigers


Blue – rich & vibrant – ringed with yellow stripes.

Ken Thornett - Eels

Players enter field the scent of liniment piercing.

Heart thumps, pumps …

Speed, skill, power – huge gigantic, men – running, evading, tackling, smashing.

My first top level RL game.

Cumberland Oval: Eels v Tigers.


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