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Skis strapped, boat pulls Paul*

He glides the water, two circuits, home.

Speeding towards “home beach”,

Sudden turn whips skier’s speed,

To reach shore unpowered.

Is he going too fast?

Shore looms.

Drop! Paul! Fall!


Hits beach – speeding.

Skis stop.

Paul continues – momentarily upright, running,

Finally tumbling into campfire.



* Paul Smith again – previously makeshift surgeon and advisor on the medicinal properties of plants. This was on the family holiday at the Gold Coast … the journey their is told in Short Memories #307 – #311.



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The convoy heads west,

Ski boats in tow.

Convoy heads west – Lithgow, Bathurst, Blayney, Cowra, Wyangala

Lithgow, Bathurst, Blayney.

Wyangala Dam.

Camping, skiing.

Quickly start boat, exploring … skier in tow.

Hilly terrain surrounds lake.

Standing out against parched hills, sheep – everywhere.

Mum: Look at all those sheep dotting that hill.

Peter: What hill?

… we discover he needs specs.


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School breaks, family holidays,

8 Track Cassette of LZ III

Car (towing boat) trip.

Destination: skiing venues – south, west, north.

Friends invited to join holiday

Squeeze in bulging car.

Kid-bulging car on long drives

In-transit entertainment becomes vital.

This trip:

New released album on 8 track.

Played, repeated, again & …

Led Zeppelin III

Hats off to (patient) Roge & Mum.


Friends …

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Water-skiiing …

Family sporting interest

Engaging us all – together.

Enjoyment increases along with skills.

We’ve all “dropped a ski”.*

And a new boat is delivered

Inboard motor,

No propellor,

Water sucked up from below,

Pushed out back for propulsion.

Jet Boat.

We don’t name it, just work it –

Weekend after weekend.


* “Drop a ski” – the transition from skiing on 2 skis to using only a single ski. Basically you start on 2 skis with one of them quite loose, once you have your balance you lift your foot out of the “loose” ski and place it in the foothold at the rear of the other ski … and a ski has been dropped.

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Approaching Nepean Gorge

Not yet skilled for navigate the narrow pass

We turn

Panic’s narrow turning circle

Whips skier around wider arc


Just holding it together

Then …


Dead ahead!

Tip for trouble recalled:

Release rope, squat,

Use hands as anchors

Phhewww! Close call!

Lucky I read that ski book.

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All well-coordinated with good balance

We are quickly skiing – two skis

We fly along

Skimming across the Nepean waters.

Often forgetting the credo

  “arms straight, legs bent”

Result: a watery fall.

All together

From early morning, till dusk

Circuit after circuit, taking turns.

And the hours passed like minutes.

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