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What next? …

I don’t think I could handle another year of daily posts … nor the 50 word limit.

So this new project will be considerably more sedate and a whole lot more wordy.

My new project (again somewhat self-indulgent) is like a “down-the-rabbit-hole” tour … a variation on game I’d sometimes play.

Play a song and from that song choose another that connects with it … where do you end up. Well, of course we’d all end up at different places … and at different times the journey would take a different course.

Anyway … here is the link to my next little trip, if you want to come along, it would be great to have you aboard.

Oh! It’s called:

At the Crossroads … destination unknown.  (this link takes you to the “About” page).

And the first post is called:

Crossroad 1: Cross Road Blues – Robert Johnson


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