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This was the boat, wasn't the day - the people here are (l-r) cousins Jenny, Jeffrey, Susan, Auntie Clare, Phil

This is the boat, not the day – the people here are (l-r) Cousins Jenny, Jeffrey, Susan, Auntie Clare, Phil.

Along Nepean River

The jet-boat progress slow

Water-line high on hull,

Family, friends, supplies – fuel & food.

Riverbank beach base found, claimed.


Day camp set up – it’s still early.

Friction, flash, fuel, flames

Leap high, burn to water-line.

Boat gone

Skiing finished.

“You should’ve seen it, flames to the sky”*


* This is a family memory … I wasn’t there on the day but it is a story told time after time.

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Beach, river, pool …


Centre of summer.

Now – a new source of water fun.


No! Not panic, Panic!

Capital “P

Ironic boat name written

Across the hull

In panicky-looking typography

And panicky-looking skier

Affectionately, illustrating the name.

Our effort from now:

Knees bent, arms straight, balanced above the water.






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