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Willy tells his Mum we’re going for a walk.

No concern.

Warragamba a village – all is known to all.

There’s my primary school.
Let’s go and have a look?

Friday night, schools are closed?

Easy. We break in.

No malice, no damage,

Just thrills

… and blackboard graffiti:

“Kilroy was here!!”

In the style of our blackboard graffiti.

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I tentatively jump on The Wrecker

It’s Friday, off to Willy Roberts’ place

– First Street, Warragamba –

For weekend.

I anticipate this ride for days,

Imagining entry into The Dam circle

Hoping “initiation rites” is a myth.

And myth of moral “looseness”, is real.

The ride uneventful, arrive in Warragamba.




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Taronga Park Zoo is one of my

Favourite Sydney places

But I always worry

About the small cages

Housing big animals.

Closer to home, at Warragamba,

The animals have more space.

Everyone looks forward

To driving through a landscape

Where prides of lions roamed

Without restriction.

The African Lion Safari.

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