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The bubbling decade erupts

In my first year high school year.

A tumultuous year

Terrifying image from 1968 (Feb) (Photo: Eddie Adams)

Around the globe

Upheaval, dissent, protests,

Unrest, assassinations,

War, frightening media images,

The personal becoming political.

New possibilities, new responsibilities.

A new responsibility … silence not an option.

Spectrum of responses: fear to fury.

Our job, growing-up.

Dion sings*, we agree.

Notes & Extra:

* Abraham, Martin, & John first hit the Australian charts in November 1968. I read somewhere that the songwriter (Dick Holler) wrote this after Martin Luther King’s assassination in March 68, the song was released but then a verse was added after Bobby Kennedy’s murder in June 68 and it was released again.

** The song was released by Dion DiMucci whose most famous song was The Wanderer. It was written by Dick Holler and produced by Phil Gernhard – I mention this because, coincidently they teamed up for an earlier song appearing in 365 Short Memories. A very very different song – 365 Short Memories #117.

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