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Saturday nights – out, about,

Sometimes parties,

Sometimes private, close-friend gatherings,

And sometimes (often) wandering aimlessly

Around town …

No plan, no goal.

Only contingencies for encountering adversaries.

Sharpie “toughs” touring streets – evasive tactics:


Curious cops – false personal information,

Name, address … at the ready:

Paul Smith, 63 Parker St, Penrith.

Paul doesn’t mind.


The Sharpies (later Skinheads) were aggressive and had a pretty aggressive dance style … I wouldn’t have thought Daddy Cool was a band they liked. I think Lobby Lloyd was one of their Australian musical heros and then,  of course, there was Slade. Anyway this  footage is from 1974 – a few years after our schoolboy times steering clear of sharpies – and its here because it has some  classic archetypes.



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