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One of Noel's favourite albums.

One of Noel’s favourite albums.

HSC Art – Major Work.

Submission due: 24 hours.

Noel*,  panicking, organises workshop – friends.

Large backroom, stereo screeching Hawkwind, Can, etc.

We fold coloured cardboard into tetrahedrons. Hundreds of them.

He paces,

Non-stop & frantic.

Occasionally petitioning:

“Oh shit! What now?”

Folding complete, we leave.

Sleepless Noel constructs overnight,

Morning submits this “spontaneous” work.


* Noel Coughlan who lived in Woodriff Street. Always on the search for new sounds, unheard of musicians – recently Garry Cockle said to me, “A lot of people talked about artists like John Cage, Noel actually listened to them”.  You might remember Noel is captured on film playing table tennis – Short Memory #297. Unfortunately, Noel was later hit by a taxi while crossing the road at Taylor Square in Darlinghurst.  He suffered severe brain damage – he was in his early twenties. He often drove us crazy, sometimes to the point of fury & frustration, but he remains fondly fixed in many memories.

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