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Friday night.

We lo-o-o-ve Friday nights.

A night of treats.

Fish and chips for dinner.

… with soft drinks.

TV – more than the weekday “2-show limit”.

Permission to stay up later.

Sustenance for a late night supplied by

The Lolly Man.

Bags of sweets delivered.

Finally – ice-cream!!

Friday – nights of indulgence.

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Teak frame

Tapered teak legs with brass socks & feet, supporting

A small screen.

Entry into other worlds & worlds of others.

One of those:

The Ponderosa.

Cartwright’s world.

A contrast, puzzling to me:

Through the window of teak-framed screen, Cartwrights were trouble-breakers.

Through the eyes of Roger, Cartwright*: trouble-maker.


* The Late Merv Cartwright was the Secretary of the Football Club. He is considered a legendary figure in the history of Rugby League in the Penrith District.

Roger, a young greenhorn, being left posted and having to confront players with news about an inability to pay them (click here), was the start (I think) of a pattern & history of interactions & behaviours that would develop over the decades. It should be noted that the shortfall in funds (as far as I was, or am now, aware) was due to nothing more sinister than a management failing.

This Short Memory offers no opinion on those or subsequent events – except that they were significant enough for this primary-schooler to take notice and remember.

In later years I had a few conversations with Merv and I found him an entertaining and affable character. I never worked with him. I did play football against his son, Cliff. He played the same position as me and I found him a good opponent – competitive, fair and not inclined to dirty play. I also enjoyed friendly relations with John, another of Merv’s sons.

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Standing akimbo, still.

Slow moves, a dance deliberate & conscious.

skillful, noble, graceful

Sword poised.

Then suddenly flashing,

Parrying razor sharp knives

Stop! … slow arching step.

Focused, determined – eyes show good heart

Then bedlam – the swordsman slashes

Lightning speed meditated calm.

A dozen black-clad antagonists dead.

The swordsman unruffled.

The swordsman?







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Boys – home together.

Bedtime missed.

Lights out, TV on.

Small screen shows

Man in plane in storm.*

Looks out, looks anxious, closes curtain.

Man in a plane in a storm. Looking out, looking anxious.

Peeks. Terrified.

He sees, others don’t, gremlin on the wing.

Curtain opens, pressing the window

(and TV screen)

Gremlin’s face!

We shriek, streak chaotically – dervishes whirling.



* The show we were watching on this particular night was an episode from The Twilight Zone. The episode was called Nightmare at 20,000 Feet and starred William Shatner. 

Who could forget the compelling opening sequence to The Twilight Zone – this is the one I remember.

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Babysitter's friend

Babysitting three brothers.

Helped by phone, food, TV &

Clear instructions.

Bedtime defined – 8:30; 9:00; 9:30.

Suddenly, 11:30 – CAR!!

We hear it, see the beam of its light.

We hope they miss:

– the soft glow of TV – switched off, into darkness.

– the thunderous gallop of four boys stampeding.

Dive under covers.



Giggling erupts.

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From Sydney’s deep West  …

The Easybeats - as I first experienced them - on TV.

Flashy dance moves in pointy boots and stove-pipe pants.  Impish & rebellious characters – fast & fashionable. Mop tops and Beatle jackets.

A manic scream, a driving beat, audience goes wild.

“She’s so fine, you know I wish she were mine.”

Australian music was changing.

I moved with it.

Notes & Extra:

* I knew I would be putting something in about The Easybeats at some time. I thought it might be good here for 2 reasons:

– the huge impact they had on Australian music and
– secondly because some friends of mine (Chris Keeble & Scott McRae) have developed, written and are about to tour a show called Stevie, The Life & Music of Stevie Wright & The Easybeats.

The show launches soon – Feb 4th – at Panthers (another giant force in my personal history). Then tours. If you get a chance go and see it – you’ll find all the information at the website – www.stevieshow.com.au .

And this may help decide if it’s for you:

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