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School quadrangle – very old teacher strolling the diagonal.

Willy (in Year 1 Art class):

Mr McInnes – “Gabby”

I bet I can hit Gabby (teacher – Mr McInnes) with this.

Holds up an apple.

Guffaws, go-on’s, nahs!!

Leans back, arm extends catapulting fruit through window.

It was a great throw.


Direct hit. Top of spine.

Art students duck, hide. Trouble ahead.*


* Willy was very honourable. The class was threatened with a group punishment if no-one shed light on the event – and it looked like the class was solid – Willy raised his hand, declared his role and faced the music!!

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Lunchtime – Peter* unfurled his fist revealing – as we gasped –

Polished brass, real, live bullet.

8 y.o. wisdom:

“Errr, if you throw it on the ground it’ll explode!”

Throw after throw – silence.**

Then …

Kids ducked, looked for war-planes flying low above.

Uh Oh.

We weren’t at war, but teachers were on the warpath.


* You have met 2 out of the 3 infant school perpetrators before – they eventually belonged to the Cameron’s Bakery Treehouse Club. The third one you’ll find in that same class photo (see: #38 The Treehouse Gang) – he is on the far left of the 2nd row from the front – Peter Elzer. Oh! the other two – Peter Kershaw and yours truly. The owner of the bullet – Peter. All of us around 2 years older in that photo than at the time of the exploding bullet.

** For many years I wondered why the bullet was so hard to detonate … and I suddenly realised we were throwing so that the tip of the bullet had impact with the ground, yet the bullet is detonated by impact with the “primer” at the base of the bullet.


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Milk for “little lunch”  – 1/3 pint.

Delivered to classrooms by … Milk Monitors!

2 kids, 2-storey school, 2 stair flights, 30 milk-bottles full.

Wire crate – glass bottles – 30 x 1/3 pints

Near top. Handle slips.

Bottles roll, crash, smash, echo.

Steps seep white.


Corridors fill – teachers glower then shout, kids cheer & laugh.


Monitor Max smiles.


Notes & extras:

* Link to another blog about school milk (albeit English) and 1/3 bottles. Skooldays

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A mathematical primer:

Orange (10) to White (1) matches

Black (7) plus Pink (4) equals Green plus Yellow.

Permutations abound.

But none so pleasing as …

The Cuisinenaire Castle.

Wooden rods colourfully layered – orange base to singular white apex.

Three Cuisenaire Castles of Kindy – bombarded, shattered.

That’s fun!

Rods lost.

Cane found – swoosh – hits hand.

A Little Extra.

I don’t think I was listening to Hendrix at the time of this incident … but when I recalled it,  a Hendrix song floated by …

“And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventually”

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Life is not all acid drops, icy pops and dry ice.

Alladin’s cave housed adult treasures.

Curiosity & mischievousness – a daring and delinquent mix.

Spelunking sprites find Raleigh’s treasure (in packs of 10).

Steals pack, steals away, lights up.

With a puff, a cough – contraband inhaled and Pandora’s box is opened.

Behind the garage ...

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Penrith Infants School. Backed by tracks, wire fence-gate keeps trains ‘n’ traffic out, and most kids in.

Exceptions: scallywags intent on “out of bounds” thrills. Once out, the challenge: hit the track?

Zippers down. Liquid arcs stream from the bank.

“Hey, you boys!”

Caught. In trouble – for escaping? Leaking? Both!

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