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The choice is between:

Assigned local school,

Nepean High School,


Hurlstone Agricultural College

Nearest selective school.

Headmaster Smith suggests local is best,

Teacher Mr Bruce, values the school

Selecting its students.

My choice!!

Todays route using M4, M7 is around 40 mins. Imagine 1968 route.

Hours travel, friendless, disciplined,


Nearby, friends, laid back.

It doesn’t seem a choice at all.

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School’s ¬†finished.

The caravan is hooked up,

We’re off, heading North.


Port Macquarie.

Fights for window seats.

The universal question:

“Are we nearly there, yet.”¬†

Travel games.

What’s the capital of …

Name the rivers …

Whose flag is …

BP Pick-a-Box* on wheels.

Happy times ahead.

Camped by the Hastings.


* BP Pick-A-Box was a TV quiz show, sponsored by BP. Bob Dyer was the hosted, ably assisted by his wife Dolly. This clip has Bob Dyer baiting Barry Jones who was a celebrated regular contestant on the show. Barry Jones would later be elected to teh Australian Parliament.

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