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The Saturday pilgrimage by rail

20c return concession

West to east.

Penrith to Central.

Head straight to

Intersection of Pitt & Goulburn

The S.W. corner

Our Alladin’s Cave

A treasure trove

Of  12″ vinyls

Martin’s Record Store

This image was taken some 30 years after our treasure hunts – when there were no “Compact Discs”. Martin’s closed down in 2005.

Through covers

Adeptly flicking

Picking out gems.

Then …

To Ashwood’s


More patience needed

To uncover diamonds.


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Another exit after final bell

Across the fields

To Emu Plains Station.

The Mountains kids

File across the fields,

Orderly and civilised …

compared to the kids on buses, headed across the river.

Civilised until …

The Tunnel.*

Where demons get released.

I hear The Tales of the Tunnel

Forbidding and fascinating.


* Between Lapstone and Glenbrook the train passed through the tunnel.

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Early spring, early morning – just sunrise.

Train boarded, tracks rattle.


Graham* – today’s guardian – guides us.

Through chaotic paths of chaotic people.

Through Central’s cavernous echoing hall.

Through the cavernous echoing main hall of Central Station

Downstairs onto Eddy Avenue.

Green buses lined up headed for the SCG.

The bus of the times.

Grand Final – expectations high.

Early arrival hopefully converts into good seats.


* Graham Percy, from No. 28 Guildford Rd, older brother of my friend, Philip. We met the Percy’s back in 7. A Scary Eyeful

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Senior high school. Afternoon was sport.

Lunchtime stroll across sporting fields to station.

First stop in the escape - Emu Plains Station - 1 stop East to Penrith then walk 2km south to home

No sport that day.

Someone spotted the “escape”.

Cane stings tips of fingers.

Senior truancy – like the infant accidental truancy – another failure.

I thought seniors had latitude – maybe 6 cuts to Max was more satisfying than giving latitude.

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Three kids beneath Werrington Creek railway crossing.

Rail Across Werrington Creek

Pennies on the track – flattened.

What about a brick? Let’s try!

Half-brick placed on track. Trio hides. Wait.

Passenger train punctures horizon east. Clicketty-click. Louder. Clicketty-click.

Heart thumps. Jump. Run. Grab. Toss. Brick splashed not smashed.

Passengers passed safely. What if they didn’t?

What if they didn’t?
A Bit Extra:
This is the third entry related to trains or train tracks – it could lead you to the conclusion that the railway is a vital element of the history and psyche of most Penrith residents. Even if you don’t come to that conclusion, how’s about another train song ..
One of my favourite train songs comes from fabulous The Velvet Underground album of 1970 – Loaded – the song:  Train Round The Bend.

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Nepean River rail bridge.

Nepean River Railway Bridge

Climb out and down – from tracks to pylon. Sit. Wait. Water below.

A lo-o-o-ong way below.

Steam train comin’. Water spurting. Hot. Scalding.

Easy choice … except all vertical space is a barrier.

Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance.*


Jump. Scream. Splash.

A lot of air betwixt track and splash.

* Train in the Distance from Paul Simon’s 1983 album  Hearts and Bones .

(listen to Train in the Distance here)

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