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Let your indulgences set me free.



Being at odds with my peers

I researched some more on yesterday’s Short Memory

I discovered that in 1972, The Performance Syndicate

Performed The Tempest

In the Chapter House at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Here is an excerpt:

The following year, 1972, saw the Performance Syndicate’s greatest achievement with a highly physical but elegantly simple production of Shakespeare’s┬áThe Tempest. It was initially funded as a schools touring production for the Old Tote. Later it had a season at the Chapter Housel at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney and toured nationally. The actors marked-out a circle which became the playing space for this production.

It suggests my mates were right, my wires were crossed

And my charms are all o’erthrown.

But … this is good.

The power of the Macbeth performance is not diminished.

And elusive Mnemosyne closes in on the magical play at the magical venue.



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