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“I’ve tried , Mr Smith,

I don’t know why I can’t remember it?”

The Headmaster is exasperated by

My continuing to read rather than recite

The Lord’s Prayer to assemblies.

Two terms, 25 readings.

We both have

Resigned to reading rather than reciting.

I’m very pleased.

Pressure relieved, absolved from guilt.


* This Short Memory relates to two earlier Short Memories. The first one was 91. Ignorance exposed, prayer answered and the second was 108. Encouragement or warning? Stop reading, start leading.

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Monday morning, school assemblies.

Boy School Captain traditionally recites:

The Lord’s Prayer.

My religious education thusfar:

Single visit to Sunday School
– Inattentive attendance at school scripture.

Nervous admission:

“Ahem, aagh. Mr Smith. Ummm!
I don’t know this prayer.” 

Horrified! (him)

“Learn it!”

Horrified! (me), then,

Prayer answered:

“Until you do, … read it!


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