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A favoured workstation, tubing is

Counted, weighed, bundled, boxed.

Heavy work but a lot cleaner.

And the boss cracks me up

Helme Karachi (spelling?) –¬†The Lion of Egypt.*

My hammer’s missing, they took my hammer!!
They take my hammer, I’ll take their whole fucking toolbox!!

5′ 2″ of Egyptian lion on the warpath.**


* A title Helme gave to himself … well, that’s how he introduced himself to me.

** This probably sounds like he was violent but no …he could act that way when really rile up. But he was a diminutive lion with a big roar, and little bite. Helme was also very smart and really really funny. Well, at least that is how I saw him … I think there were others who did not have any respect for him at all.




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