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A passing glance

Captured a subterranean connection.

Known, yet hidden.

Crossing paths camouflaged by

Chaotic movements between classes.

But across the quadrangle

Intention is exposed,

We pass,

I turn …

I was looking back to see
If she was looking back to see
If I was looking back at her.



What a super band this was – John Mayall’s Buesbreakers from 1966.

John Mayall, John Mcvie, Peter Green, & Aynsley Dunbar. Interestingly this was loaded onto YouTube by someone calling themselves Danny Kirwan. Why interesting? … well the very best iteration of Fleetwood Mac included Green, McVie, Kirwan and (of course) Mick Fleetwood, who was also part of the Bluesbreakers at around this time.










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