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Our party (in parallel) hasn’t kicked in … yet.

Sun, not yet set.

Clear Light.

600m walk to my place*


Collect some extra vinyl

Nick some food.

We arrive …

And so does a weird feeling

Of creeping change.

Records collected, a quick bite.

We head back.

Change not creeping now,


Note & Extra:

* The map in Short Memory #288 shows you where we had to walk though one of the streets is now no longer there. It was parallel to Reserve St and about 80m to the South of Reserve. A short street (can’t recall the name – someone help me) joining Station & Woodriffe Streets. Our path (I think) was west along Derby until Woodriffe, south along Woodriffe until the missing street, west along that one until Station St and then the 50-60m to my place at 138. The return walk followed the same route but …

School taught one and one is two
Right now, that just ain’t true!

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