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My team – Penrith Waratahs

A group more than team-mates.

Most are really good friends.

None attend Nepean High

Giving me an extra network of

Support, guidance & allies

As I tread wayward, shifting paths.

Some team-mates –


One team-mate,

Steel arms, crazy eyes,

No fear, no conscience.

Is the paddy-wagon waiting for him?*


* Towards the end of the following clip (apologies for the poor quality) you’ll see a police van parked on the sideline. My team, Penrith Waratahs, wear the blue jerseys with the horizontal white bands. I think we are playing St Marys at Jamison Park in Penrith. Some of the characters I can pick out are: Robert Anscombe, Mick Harpley, Steve Costigan, Graeme Leggett, Peter Cameron, Glen Davidson, and me.

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