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Roger driving to school, arriving.


Right elbow resting on open window.

Right hand holding apple.

Left hand controlling steering wheel.

Door not properly secured.

Opens. Out falls Roger, landing seated.

Calmly continues eating apple,

Watches car careen into chook pen.

Feathers fly.

Cheering, hysterical shool-children.


This event was immortalised by one of the art students who witnessed the event. I hope we can locate that sketch and reproduce it her.

Here is an aerial view of the bus bay at Nepean High School … where the event above went down.

The car drives into the chooks while the driver sits on the tarmac eating an apple.

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Most become invisible with time.

Many are vapid.

Some evoke vivid, preferred forgotten, recollections.

And few – too few – illuminate, then keep on illuminating.


Though in her class only a single year – Grade 3,

Mrs Frawley made her mark.

An indelible mark – impressed by rarity.

An effulgent memory – enduring years, decades.

1964 - 3rd Grade - a favourite time.

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