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We journey east

The Season in the City

Joyous, colourful,

Stories unfolding magically

In department store windows.

Magical stories unfold in shopfront wondows

Magical stories unfold in shopfront windows

Christmas pedestrian traffic

Hazardous for tots.

To the park & the Archibald Fountain.

So many people, all so tall.

I’m lost in this forest.

Through moving limbs

I spy Roger heading my way.


Through the moving limbs of suited men I spied Roger coming along this path

Through the moving limbs of suited men I spied Roger coming along this path






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Trips to Sydney created excitement.

The anticipation fulfilled

By city rich in distractions.

Today (in 1964)… off to the top.

Australia’s tallest building.

Australia's tallest building (1964) - The AMP Building - 117 metres

Address forms a rhythmic chant:

Ay-Em-Pee at Circ-ular-Quay.

Looking up, it sways, dances to the chant.

Top floor observatory.

Beautiful Sydney stretches endlessy.

Look!! Mum!! … Roge!! …

Looking up it was so tall it looked like it was swaying.

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Outside Paddy's: I remember it as much more chaotic than this - inside it was bedlam.

Depart in dark for market to buy produce.


Big men in long leather aprons, faces scarred, fingers missing, rolling smokes, – carrying sacks, pushing barrows,

Fast shouts of traders – buying, selling – language colourful.

A place for men …

I’m in big school!!!

Job done, truck full, head west – Roge ‘n me.

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