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Reel to reel is turning

Pumping continuous sounds

Through speakers in my back room

Speakers shifted, facing driveway.

Table dragged out, unfolded,

Net erected.

Someone bouncing ball on bat,

Coordinating eye with hand,

And simultaneously counting.

(We are skilful!)

Music on …

Challenge on …

Camera rolls,

Capturing a moment with friends.*


* I suspect this is late 1972. The competitors are, in order of appearance, Michael Talve, Noel Coughlan, Glen Davidson and me. Brother Phil makes a cameo at the end. I know many readers would have seen this before but it rightfully belongs in this collection.

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Senior high school. Afternoon was sport.

Lunchtime stroll across sporting fields to station.

First stop in the escape - Emu Plains Station - 1 stop East to Penrith then walk 2km south to home

No sport that day.

Someone spotted the “escape”.

Cane stings tips of fingers.

Senior truancy – like the infant accidental truancy – another failure.

I thought seniors had latitude – maybe 6 cuts to Max was more satisfying than giving latitude.

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