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8 years passes …

Older kids, cool kids in school – anti-establishment, anti-war, tune-in, drop-out.

They hung outside the boys’ toilets.

$10 (was it $5?)* for a matchbox filled with …


Dreams of being cool.

Naivety & Desire – parents of suckers.

Lawn cuttings filled the matchbox.

Solace: I was not the only dope.

What it should have been ...

What I reckon it was - from the lawn.

Notes & Extra.

* I can’t remember the quantity of cash involved in this “deal” – a result of age(?) or misspent youth(?).

* Anyway, maybe Arpad (from whose lawn I suspect the mix came) did us all a favour Рaccording to this article from The Times of India Рalthough his mix was dried and cured.

* This blog could easily cough up incriminating or embarrassing material (especially for me!!), I hope it doesn’t cause anyone any problems. If you think you might pop up in a memory of mine and would like to erase it, let me know!!

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Life is not all acid drops, icy pops and dry ice.

Alladin’s cave housed adult treasures.

Curiosity & mischievousness – a daring and delinquent mix.

Spelunking sprites find Raleigh’s treasure (in packs of 10).

Steals pack, steals away, lights up.

With a puff, a cough – contraband inhaled and Pandora’s box is opened.

Behind the garage ...

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