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At Castlereagh


Despite liking speed,

No interest for me.

It’s drag-racing day.

Standing on the road,

Index finger pointing

Trying to hitch a ride …

To Castlereagh.

Ulterior motive:

Handsome girl with subtle smile

And interest in me

Works in the general store.

I pass by,

Shy & become

Drag-racing spectator.







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Party invitation arrives

With the hint of …

Potential attraction?

She is,

Handsome, composed, contained.

Smile is subtle not broad but it lights sparkling eyes.

A slight sense of the mischievous.

Her composure intimidates,

I arrive at the party

Hiding behind whisky.

Dulling my own shyness & uncertainty

Hoping to break hers.

Note & Extra:

* As with my very first real entry into the boyfriend/girlfriend social whirl, I don’t feel it necessary to reveal the identity of the person who issued the invitation to me.




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Back to school after Copacabana

There’s a new light

Shapes shift, soften

Character sharpens.

New attractions, new attractors.

New distractions.

But …

Introversion making the desirable as unreachable

As a watery mirage.

An unrelenting cycle

Accelerated by

A shy boy feigning worldliness.

In silent times and solitude

I’m wishing and hoping.

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I couldn’t raise my hand.

Fear, embarrassment?

Doorless dunnies?

Just couldn’t

I waited, wiggled, jiggled until

No longer bearable.

Rush out, down the stairs

Across the quadrangle.

Made it,

Aaahhh! Relief.

Look down.

Arrgggh! Didn’t really make it.

Wash. Looks worse!


No-one ridicules me (Except myself).

Well … not to my face.

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