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Returning from Katoomba

After playing against Katoomba High.

An unscheduled stop

At Woodford

A busfull of boys

Surge into the store.

Teachers powerless

Shopkeeper horrified.

Boys fly out,

Loading the bus, laughing.

Pockets  bulging.

Her [shopkeeper’s] haunted silence

Saddened eyes

Piercing mine.

This time innocent …

But burning an everlasting guilt.




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Against the law, a thrill, a challenge.

Can I get away with it?

A swift glance, some sleight of hand, then walk.

Blood rushes, pace quickens.

All clear.


Until Roger asks:

“Explain this?”

I lie.

Shoplifting: whack!

Lying: triple whack!!!

Blood rushes, tears flow.

High cost for cheap contraband.




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