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We leave the performance* behind

Enter Sydney’s nightscape

In a dreamlike state,



Open to possibility,

And I see anew

One of my theatre-going compatriots

From a younger class.

Stunned by beauty & grace.

Time stops. Moment preserved –

Until now,

A secret, permanent,

Private touchstone,

To truth, freedom, & love.


* This moment was definitely after the St Mary’s Cathedral performance but it seems certain it was of The Tempest not Macbeth. Further, the 1972 date is more sensible chronologically than the 1971 date (which is when the Nimrod did Macbeth).

Still it doesn’t lessen the potency of that moment preserved, withheld, and treasured for decades.

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Being in the village primary school

A sense of trespass & guilt smothers

The electric thrill from

Anticipating the break-in.

The lions are roaring in distance

A police patrol car scouts the area.


We’ve entered without breaking

… well, only our sensibilities,

Maybe it awoke them.

An escapade, never before mentioned.

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I couldn’t raise my hand.

Fear, embarrassment?

Doorless dunnies?

Just couldn’t

I waited, wiggled, jiggled until

No longer bearable.

Rush out, down the stairs

Across the quadrangle.

Made it,

Aaahhh! Relief.

Look down.

Arrgggh! Didn’t really make it.

Wash. Looks worse!


No-one ridicules me (Except myself).

Well … not to my face.

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