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Another exit after final bell

Across the fields

To Emu Plains Station.

The Mountains kids

File across the fields,

Orderly and civilised …

compared to the kids on buses, headed across the river.

Civilised until …

The Tunnel.*

Where demons get released.

I hear The Tales of the Tunnel

Forbidding and fascinating.


* Between Lapstone and Glenbrook the train passed through the tunnel.

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Bell rings, school ends.

The bus bay swarms,

The bus flotilla swamped.

Catching the right bus, almost miraculous.

Dam kids advantaged -.

Their bus,

The only double decker.

The Wrecker.

That wild trip to Warragamba!

Looks fun!

Solicitous fun.

For “outsiders”,

Maybe more torturous than tantalising.

Play with a serious edge.




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