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Returning from Katoomba

After playing against Katoomba High.

An unscheduled stop

At Woodford

A busfull of boys

Surge into the store.

Teachers powerless

Shopkeeper horrified.

Boys fly out,

Loading the bus, laughing.

Pockets  bulging.

Her [shopkeeper’s] haunted silence

Saddened eyes

Piercing mine.

This time innocent …

But burning an everlasting guilt.




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Senior  industrial arts teacher,

And coach of the 7 st 7lb football team,

Mr Hush

Wants to see me.

What have I done?

“Junior sport is Tuesday.
I want you in the 7-7’s.
You’ll have Wednesday sport too.”

Too! Two sports days.

“Get your parents’ permission.”

“Yes, sir!”

Parents, Headmaster, Sportsmaster, & me.

All OK!!

1968 – 7 st 7 lb Nepean High School RL Team

Here are some names. If you can fill in any of the question marks, please do:

Back row (l to r): John Cavanagh, Greg Carrol, Steve Hollick, Geoff Hush, Lindsay Cole, Tony Boyden, Mr Hush
Middle (l to r): Peter Cahill, Russell Jolley, Trevor Hardy, Bruce Waugh(?), Graeme Curzon, Max Cowan
Front row ( to r): Paul Walker, ?, Jim Lord, Clarke Scott, Jon Trevena.

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