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Huge backroom, party room.

Table tennis, piano/organ.

Polished hardwood floors with

Footy socks! Perfect for slipping, sliding.

Around ping-pong table.

Roller Derby!!

It’s a “jam”, elbows flailing, gets rough.

Phil grabs a hand and … Whhhiiipp!! Flying slide.

Our own Ralphie Valladares.

Ralphie Valladeras - LA T-Birds (in white)

Who wins?

Tears, argument, or injury ends games prematurely.


* We lover Roller Derby. Unfortunately I could find any footage of the mercurial Ralphie Valladares – indeed, I could not find any of the men’s games. Weird because as I remember the sport was played in alternating periods of men & women on the track. Anyway here is a (band) recording of a T-Birds v Outlaws game, featuring Shirley Hardmann (she’s in black #17).

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