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At first a battle of wills

Novice parent versus wilful child

History transforms post-war gratitude

Into anti-war anger

Generation gaps becomes personal.

Paths set to political differences.

My capitalism finances your socialism.

Framed in paradigms, caricatures and “isms”.

Lifetimes of fun, fights & insights,

Finally revelations, understanding:

Roger’s a legend.*


* My involvement in the restructuring of Panthers in 1991 provided a major insight into Roger, helped reveal fundamental errors in my thinking.  The restructure  was taking a traditional organisational management pyramid completely dismantling it and rebuilding it as an organisation driven by a network of self-directed teams. A daring, radical, innovative move that gave practical life to a belief that organisational health is dependent on building: structures that distribute power away from individuals; cultures that allow individuals to grow, create & flourish (to be individual); and the tools to give people leverage.

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Roger is chauffeur

It’s the school run,

Penrith Primary first,

My stop.

There’s tension,

I’m frustrated, angry.

I get out

Grab the door, preparing to slam it.

Grasping also …

For a hurtful barb.

One comes to mind.

I shout derisively, sarcastically:


Door slams.

I storm off.

Got him!


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Oft-told dinner tale

Steve’s Teacher, in class:

“Stephen, your family story is wonderful but …
Who is this Roger you keep talking about?

Stephen’s reflex response, sublime:

“He’s the bloke that drives the car.”

Roger the Chauffeur.

Far easier concept than

Roger the Dad

(Or young boy calling his Dad, Roger.)


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Social centre,

Penrith Rugby League Club –

Broke, players unpaid.

Single room clubhouse with multiple functions –

Single room multi-function club - transforms, mutates.

Roger takes over,

Green, driven,

Enthusiastic, open,

Ambitious, visionary.

Results in …

* Financial recovery
* New multi-story club built,
* Elevated RL team – now elite.

Elevated Roger  – locally notable (or notorious?).

Blood of the Panthers mutates family DNA.


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