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The change,

New school, elevated responsibility,

Captaincy confuses loyalties

School loyalty and student loyalty.

Imposed religious duties

Somewhat resisted,

And enforced limiting of distractions,

No TV, no “treehouse gang” (or the like),

The Medal.

In gold letters on shiny maple honours board,

And medal awarded,

1967 Dux.

Gives me choice for high school.

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Monday morning, school assemblies.

Boy School Captain traditionally recites:

The Lord’s Prayer.

My religious education thusfar:

Single visit to Sunday School
– Inattentive attendance at school scripture.

Nervous admission:

“Ahem, aagh. Mr Smith. Ummm!
I don’t know this prayer.” 

Horrified! (him)

“Learn it!”

Horrified! (me), then,

Prayer answered:

“Until you do, … read it!


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“Hey Mum, I think I might go to Sunday School this Sunday.”

“OK. I’ll take you.” surprise tinged her tone.

Grateful surprise.

I probably struggled keeping the colouring pencil inside the lines … but they could have at least told me the stories.


Mum drops me at the Hall*.

Finished. Mum’s there.


“I’m not going again.”

“I didn’t learn anything! All we did was colour in pictures of Jesus.

Note & extra.

* Cambridge Park Community Hall.

Around the same time: It Ain’t Necessarily So was a hit in Australia for Normie Rowe. Maybe my sudden impulse to seek out Sunday School was related to the stories mentioned in this song … they may not be necessarily so but they sound like great tales.

Here is a version of the song from Cab Calloway.

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