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SRA Reading Laboratory

Get the next reading card


Complete the comprehension test,

Check the answers.

And a new one awaits – same colour code.

On through new colours, colour tones, grades.

The SRA Reading Laboratory

Constantly beckoning, cajoling

With colour, content, themes, illustrations.

And competition with self and peers.

Honing higher reading skills.

SRA Reading Card from blog: Games We Played. Click here to visit and see this card in full, & comprehension & marking cards.

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She scares me,

The 1st Form* English teacher.

Thin, bird-like features, beehive hair.

Palpable fear,

Like walking through Magpie territory

In spring.

I know an attack is imminent.
I hope I’m prepared.

Mrs Skelly’s methodology,

Students reading aloud.

Class starts with harsh high-pitched command.



Dutifully I read.


* 1st Form in Secondary School. It s now Year 7. Students are generally turning 13 at this stage.








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Books & book transport.

“Let’s find out about your favourite books.”

Classmates in turn.

Now, me.

Stand up.

Loud projected voice.

“My favourite books are encyclopedias and dictionaries!!
I like to them because I learn about different things, countries, and science, and animals.
Dictionaries teach you about the meaning of words.”

Mrs Frawley smiled.

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