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Rick Wright’s opening chords build,

Cymbals roll, synthesised fanfare,

Almost chaotic, entropic

Threads of form gathering, dispersing

Tempos shift, tension rises

A momentary lull,

Roger Water’s guitar & knee rise

Dropping aggressively, powerfully

Synchronising his bass booming.

Commanding control & direction.

Father’s Shout.*the concert started,

A moment preserved, frozen.

Accessible always.

Note & Extra:

* Father’s Shout is the opening section of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother. This moment wakes and comes alive for me often.

Here is a part of the concert. A part we highly anticipated, the opening of Careful With That Axe, Eugene. This was filmed for GTK, the visuals are from the Randwick concert, the sound though is from the live version of the song on Ummagumma. 

The camera pans around the racetrack and settles at 0:23 looking over a seated crowd at the stage. My memory of the view of the stage would have us a few rows down from that camera position – in fact, just to the left of that pole in the centre of the screen.

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Racecourse grandstand was to be

Enshrouded by massive marquee

To accommodate daytime light-show

Supposedly amazing, immersive.

Trouble, August winds.

No chapiteau.

No lights. No staging.

Just masses of equipment

Crowding the stage.

Pink Floydin the raw!

Discontent evaporates.

Silence enshrouds grandstand

Haunting chords build, cymbals roll.

My tape-recorder switched on!



* Yes, I illegally recorded the Randwick Pink Floyd Concert. It was on cassette and the quality was not hi-fiedlity but it wasn’t bad. It was only in the last couple of years that I discarded this tape (unplayable), still labelled in my high school handwriting – Pink Floyd – Randwick Racecourse – Aug 71. I am sure I’d copied it for others and transferred it to reel-to-reel … nowhere to be found.

** See also Short Memory #233. Between the roof & the rafters, the Penrith Poet (un)settles a restless audience.

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Tickets purchased immediately

First big concert:

Deep Purple, Free, Manfred Mann Chapter III

Supported by Santana-esque Pirana

30,000 pack Randwick Racecourse.

I’m anticipating Free

On heavy rotation at home.

Deep Purple In Rock – big hit.

Manfred … unsure.

They blow us away – electronic, creative, jazzy

Long way from Pretty Flamingo or Doo-Wah-Diddy.


This clip is from The Isle of Wight 1970. I wanted to put a Manfred Mann Chapter III clip here but I couldn’t find a decent one with band performing live … and this short memory needs a live track.

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We have great grandstand seats

For the Randwick Racecourse concert of

Pink Floyd*!

There’s problems with

The staging, the sound,

Wind creating havoc.

Crowd restless.

Then …

Poetry shouted

From above.

Looking up

Hanging from the rafters:

Ian “Scab” Stevenson

His recitation gets cut short.

His mark is made – Penrith Poet.


* The concert was held on August 15, 1971 and surely will soon be the subject of its own Short Memory. Today the memory has Ian Stevenson is top of mind. This memory appears now partially due to yesterday’s post and partially due to fellow NHS alumnus, Garry Cockle observing: “Yeh. Scab! Cool dude, he could feature in a few “short memories”.

With that, I thought I had to immediately post my favourite “scab” story.

I’d love to hear your favourite Ian “scab” Stevenson memory. If you have one, share it by putting it in as a comment.

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