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Bull vs Matador.

Matador Gary (2 Guildford Rd) flicks his cape (a towel).

The bull (me) charges.

Amusement, diversion. Not under Mum’s feet.


Until the blind bull doesn’t see the cape conceals clothes-hoist winder-casing.

Clothes hoist

Metals encased winder - solid.

Bull charges, head hits. Blood everywhere.

No cracks in the skull. (The Fates again?)

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I reclaim a galleon plundered by drunken pirates,

Brawl with brutish cowboys cruelly mistreating cute indian girls.

Fight through enemy lines – a brave foot soldier with no rank – ┬ácaptured, tortured – eventually escaping to win the day.

A few hours “alone”, and I save the world!

Hero … but anonymous and humble.


When they returned home perhaps I was all ready for bed – instead of a battle, maybe Roger broke into song for me:

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