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We have great grandstand seats

For the Randwick Racecourse concert of

Pink Floyd*!

There’s problems with

The staging, the sound,

Wind creating havoc.

Crowd restless.

Then …

Poetry shouted

From above.

Looking up

Hanging from the rafters:

Ian “Scab” Stevenson

His recitation gets cut short.

His mark is made – Penrith Poet.


* The concert was held on August 15, 1971 and surely will soon be the subject of its own Short Memory. Today the memory has Ian Stevenson is top of mind. This memory appears now partially due to yesterday’s post and partially due to fellow NHS alumnus, Garry Cockle observing: “Yeh. Scab! Cool dude, he could feature in a few “short memories”.

With that, I thought I had to immediately post my favourite “scab” story.

I’d love to hear your favourite Ian “scab” Stevenson memory. If you have one, share it by putting it in as a comment.

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