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A mathematical primer:

Orange (10) to White (1) matches

Black (7) plus Pink (4) equals Green plus Yellow.

Permutations abound.

But none so pleasing as …

The Cuisinenaire Castle.

Wooden rods colourfully layered – orange base to singular white apex.

Three Cuisenaire Castles of Kindy – bombarded, shattered.

That’s fun!

Rods lost.

Cane found – swoosh – hits hand.

A Little Extra.

I don’t think I was listening to Hendrix at the time of this incident … but when I recalled it,  a Hendrix song floated by …

“And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventually”

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Round about the cauldron go ...

Double double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble. 

Out of Alladin’s Cave – DRY ICE!

It’s cold, it burns, it bites.

Freezes ice-cream, makes water boil, bubble, smoke.

Handle with care.

So many opportunities for experiments, fun, practical jokes, and science.

… the devil offers a tempting, compelling highlight.



This video has some of the benign dry ice experiments/games.

For the devil’s dry ice workbook on KaBoom go to You Tube and search “dry ice bombs”.

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