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At home, late, after earlier partying

Wanting to extend

At lower volume, lower energy.

Lounge in black leather, swivel chairs

Vodka & orange refreshing.

Acoustic music, volume down.

In tones echoing wisdom,

The soft voices of sages,

Ruminate on reality, relativity,

And the beauty, truth, love & misery

Of acoustic blues.


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It’s one of those aimless nights,

We seem isolated from

A desolate, even alien, world.

Behind St Stephen’s church

A small historical graveyard.

Behind St Stephens Church – a small historical resting place.

There is an odd sense of belonging

Respectfully, we enter

Find a friendly soul – (Alice?)*

Have a quiet drink,

Discuss – quietly, for hours

Life’s meaning, hopes, desires, & love.


* I think the name of our soul-mate was Alice, but I could be wrong. I could also be wrong about who might be in a position to confirm of correct this – Glen Davidson definitely, I’m pretty sure Greg Totman was there and Paul Smith may well have been there too.

Precinct of St Stephen’s Anglican Church Penrith.


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