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Nervous, tentative,

Feeling small.

New faces, all unsmiling, unsure.

Familiar faces comforting.

Look, there’s one …

“Hi Max.”

Old Penrith Primary colleague,

Peter Herrmann.

Chatting reveals news of my being

Dux of Penrith South.

Peter comments:

“Geez, must’ve been dumb there!!”

No arrogance, no malice.


No harm comes from humble pie!

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Re: smiling interloper;

Timid boy in leather pants on a cold morning on asphalt playground…

Can’t say more than “hello” in English.

We form a circle around, curious.

Soon makes good friends and

Can play soccer.

First choice in team picks.

18 months later:

First in English!

I am still amazed.


* Bill Joyner, one of my Penrith Primary classmates, has an excellent memory, a treasury of sacred souvenirs, and a great turn of phrase. He sent this to me about Peter Herrmann, who appeared in 365 Short Memories #54 – A smiling interloper … . I hope this is not cheating but this was just so vividly told by Bill – in 50 words – and is a great picture of the little German boy in leather pants, unable to speak English, being circled by a bunch of curious kids – who rise to the top of the class, and engages his cohorts.

Thanks Bill, and I hope you don’t mind me including this.

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