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What is the difference between these 2 photos?

Two lots of beans:

In basket – priced at 1s 6d (abt 15c) per pound.

In hessian bag – priced at 1s (abt 10c) per pound

Customer: What is he difference between these beans and those ones?

Roger: Nothing, both came from the same bag.

Customer: Hmmph, I’ll take the quality (dearer) ones thanks.

Price drives perception!


This was pre-1966 when decimal currency was introduced to Australia. It was then Pounds (£) Shillings (s) Pence (d) – a shilling converts to 10c.

And the higher price (50% higher) easily outsold the lower price. Take note discounters!!!

Oh!! The 2 photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa are EXACTLY the same photo.

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