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Temptations pulling me away from football

Dirty play pushing me away.

Decision, in the balance

Despite receiving thuggery induced

Chipped teeth, headbutts, punches, kicks.

But, …

My biggest, strongest teammate

Uppercuts a kneeling, defenceless opponent.

– lifts victim into the air
– makes aggressor smile
– instantaneously makes my decision.

My final season.


Here is the only other footage I can find of my club football days. Sorry about the quality … not great to start with but when I load into You Tube quality drops again. In this film I can spot Paul Bardon, Paul Smith, Peter Cameron, Glen Davidson, Mick Harpley, & me – yes,at 2:11 I’m down … but stoically rise again to complete the game.

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Our team’s [Penrith Waratahs] dominance

Continues in under 16’s,

Despite a more casual approach

In increasingly serious game.

Footy is no longer the driver.

Footballers replaced as paragons by
.     Performers – often anathema to football culture

Energy, once reserved for footy, diluted by
.     Compelling new adventures for teenage boys:
.     Girls, Grog, Grass

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My team – Penrith Waratahs

A group more than team-mates.

Most are really good friends.

None attend Nepean High

Giving me an extra network of

Support, guidance & allies

As I tread wayward, shifting paths.

Some team-mates –


One team-mate,

Steel arms, crazy eyes,

No fear, no conscience.

Is the paddy-wagon waiting for him?*


* Towards the end of the following clip (apologies for the poor quality) you’ll see a police van parked on the sideline. My team, Penrith Waratahs, wear the blue jerseys with the horizontal white bands. I think we are playing St Marys at Jamison Park in Penrith. Some of the characters I can pick out are: Robert Anscombe, Mick Harpley, Steve Costigan, Graeme Leggett, Peter Cameron, Glen Davidson, and me.

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Our team is strong

The post-game percussion often jubilant.

Team manager, Perce,

Father of our robust, speedy, powerful winger

And great bloke

Graeme Leggett.

Kindly Perce wants the best for us.

He runs the line,

Misguided – fudges metres our way.

Graeme furious.

The rest of us embarrassed.

Banned from line-duties.





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