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Our home the venue for Panthers Directors party.

The antics of these old folk amuse us.

Poker Ausburn crooner,  raconteur,
Microphone monopolist
Sings, tells jokes, stories.

4:00am finale.


Those still partying

Climb the fence & dive in.

Penrith Municipal Pool

Broken and entered by

Local “dignitaries”.

The affluence of incohol!!





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Another respite from the burning western heat

Four rectangles of gleaming blue water

In a grassy but barren triangular property.

Penrith Swmming Pool - centre, just below trotting track.

Baby’s, Toddlers, Beginners, Olympic pools.

Littlest brother in the shallowest rectangle,

Clear water magnifying blue tiles,

Distorting depth.

At Penrith Pool: the 4 boys with Gosford Nana, Mum, Uncle Bruce, and Ron Noort.

Littlest brother, Phillip, plays, runs, …


Front teeth knocked,

Blue tiles red.

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