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Lights low, volume up

Sound clear, crisp, almost visible.

Voodoo rhythms, erotic, haunting

Soulful croaking vocals,

Voices echoing from beyond …

Language unknown … somehow understood.

Gris gris, gumbo ya-ya.

The only tense is the present.

Let it roll, let go control.

Night – very cool

In the house with the purple pool.

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School Squash! I diligently attended sport.

Senior sport, multiple options

Team sports, standard seasonal mix.

Then …

Off-site individual selections,

Allowing latitude.

SquashTen Pin Bowling

Venues near home (or friends)

Offer easy early escapes.

Golf at Leonay,

A few holes, then down to the river.

Sport, well attended, easily escaped for

More imaginative, more indulgent, alternatives.


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Same path for return route.

It’s different!

Everything changed &

Changing continually.

Walk becomes journey, adventure.

This band of adventurers

Battles through

Time stretching, streets melting,

Flowers, plants, trees

Lifecycles exposed

In time-lapsed photographic sequences.

We’ve entered strange worlds.


We all see it.



Return journey completed.


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Hundreds of people

Many I know or

Know of …

A cool gathering.

Coolest of the year, … perhaps coolest ever!!

Region’s counter-culture population

Converge into the Roberts’ home*

On the GW Highway at Blaxland.

Despite the love,

Or because of it,

Tensions rise

An eruption feels imminent.

Stay alert, anything could happen.


* The home of Megan Roberts, a year ahead of me and a respected character around whom many cool people gravitated.

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Party invitation arrives

With the hint of …

Potential attraction?

She is,

Handsome, composed, contained.

Smile is subtle not broad but it lights sparkling eyes.

A slight sense of the mischievous.

Her composure intimidates,

I arrive at the party

Hiding behind whisky.

Dulling my own shyness & uncertainty

Hoping to break hers.

Note & Extra:

* As with my very first real entry into the boyfriend/girlfriend social whirl, I don’t feel it necessary to reveal the identity of the person who issued the invitation to me.




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Celebration day

Others think of me.

Causing conflicting desires –

Hide in the shadows

But stand in the spotlight.

I can’t remember details

Of a single birthday …

Except one,

Made (in)famous

By unquantifiable consumption of …

No matter.

A huge event

At 46 Boundary St Paddington.

I should not remember but I do – clearly.






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Our home the venue for Panthers Directors party.

The antics of these old folk amuse us.

Poker Ausburn crooner,  raconteur,
Microphone monopolist
Sings, tells jokes, stories.

4:00am finale.


Those still partying

Climb the fence & dive in.

Penrith Municipal Pool

Broken and entered by

Local “dignitaries”.

The affluence of incohol!!





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