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The Horden Pavillion

After YES’* Horden Pavillion performance

Crowded car, burger stop, time distortions

Lengthens drive home.

Smoke-filled Red Datsun carrying 6.

Light rain oils road.

Turning right at Vauxhall Inn

Parramatta Rd into Church St.

Traction slips

Slow-slow-motion slide,

Rear pivots around front

One-eighty, three-sixty.

A moment.

“Wow, man!”

Ignorant inches from tragedy.

Note & Extra:

* I am pretty sure it was YES that we had been to see. The support band was Mother Earth whose lead singer was Renee Geyer.




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Outside Paddy's: I remember it as much more chaotic than this - inside it was bedlam.

Depart in dark for market to buy produce.


Big men in long leather aprons, faces scarred, fingers missing, rolling smokes, – carrying sacks, pushing barrows,

Fast shouts of traders – buying, selling – language colourful.

A place for men …

I’m in big school!!!

Job done, truck full, head west – Roge ‘n me.

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