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Safely home.

Weeks and weeks

Fishing, swimming, learning

Playing games, creating games, treasure hunting,

Just being together.

Protected and blessed and free enough

To discover blurring in the space between

Sky & sea, limited & limitless,

Sacred & profane, self & other,

Holiday for a life of contradiction & paradox.


In 2005 Roger retired after 40 years as CEO of Panthers. I had to deliver a speech on behalf of my brothers and our families. Observations about this holiday (Short Memories: 135 to 142) form the central part of that speech. For me, this holiday is pivotal in understanding how our family “hangs together” – well, it is certainly a pivotal moment for me.

The speech would not have suited this blog, but if you click the link, you’ll find it. On family, leadership, love, dignity.

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