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In the 7st 7lb team:

Clarke Scott*,

He’s a skilled footballer.

And more …

A singer, TV appearances,

Talent shows, live performances.

He’s well-known locally,

Sings at many venues

And locally at

Penrith Rugby League Club.

The ad is a reflection of the times.** This show was November 1966. The 7-7 football team photo was taken about 18 months later. Clarke certainly had local celebrity.

He’s serious, distant, willing.

From tough area, tough background.

Teammate talented.

With notoriety, local celebrity.


* Clarke is sitting in the front row, 2nd from the right of the team photo in Short Memory #154.
** Ted Quigg’s show featured many entertainers who reached considerable heights. On notable appeared in Ted Quigg’s Show at the club in June 1966 – it was the late Jimmy Little. Of course Jimmy was very well known by 1966. His big hit recorded in 1964.

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Menu & prices cater

To families.

Comfortable, affordable meal.

A little bit “posh”, mmmm!

The club bistro at Panthers*.

Snack Bar Decor, Murals circa 1967. Love the “Chicken Dinners” mural. Phil’s demand was a bit later than this.

Most tables occupied – plenty of patrons.

Phil** – 6 or 7  – brazen, mischievous.

Announces loudly:

“Hey Rodge! I want a beer
and a go at the pokies!

Your the boss, aren’t you?”

Heads turn.

Crack up!


* At this stage the name hadn’t changed … it was still Penrith Rugby League Club.

** Youngest brother Phillip aka The Fat Man.

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Social centre,

Penrith Rugby League Club –

Broke, players unpaid.

Single room clubhouse with multiple functions –

Single room multi-function club - transforms, mutates.

Roger takes over,

Green, driven,

Enthusiastic, open,

Ambitious, visionary.

Results in …

* Financial recovery
* New multi-story club built,
* Elevated RL team – now elite.

Elevated Roger  – locally notable (or notorious?).

Blood of the Panthers mutates family DNA.


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Conveniently located –

Directly behind the thriving, expanding RL Club –

Our new home was behind this 1967 version of the Club.

Our new home.

Weatherboard, dark interiors, dark fittings – Edwardian?

Hardwood picture & ornament rails lapped the lounge room.

Musty dark carpets, antiquated kitchen, long narrow yard … and


The final blow to failing focus.

Knockout for distraction.

Schoolwork is the winner!!

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