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Peter the Provocateur

Is also Peter the Performer.

On stage,

As Mr Bumble

Commanding. threatening presence.

Oliver: Please sir, I want some more.
Peter (Mr Bumble): WHAT?  MORE?

Tone escalates – deep rumble to screech

Transforms into song

While cruelly twisting the ear of young Oliver.

Relishing song & ear-twist.



This performance was a couple of years after the 1968 film of Lionel Bart’s Oliver! but Peter was great in the role that Harry Secombe played in the film. And this opening sequence is one where Pete performance really shone.

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Great reason for a city trip, entertainment.

Theatre, music, musical theatre.

Matinee performances preferred

But love the night trips,

And a sleepy late-night car-ride.

An all time personal favourite

Becomes favoured by schools for

Student concerts.

Musical adaptation of Dickens’

Oliver Twist.

Oliver! by Lionel Bart

At The Theatre Royal.


In 1968 the film of Lionel Bart’s Oliver! was released. Ron Moody’s performance of Fagin was wonderful.

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